3LDK Holiday House Ito-shi

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Japanese Style House in Izu Kogen for SALE
2 / 2F
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Holiday House
114.00 m²
Land Area
446.00 m²
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¥0 / mth
Yawatano, Ito-shi, Shizuoka
Nearest Station
Izukougen Station (6 min. by car)
Izu Kyūkō Line

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This is for those who are looking for a Japanese-style house in Izu where they can enjoy the changing of the seasons.

The house is located in the rich natural environment of Suirasou villa area. In this house, you\u can see the craftsmanship of a master. The wood used in this luxurious home is knot-free and solid.

First of all, the entrance space, which is a Japanese-style space, surprises you with its calculated design technique.

As you enter the entranceway, you will see a large window in front of the entranceway, which allows you to admire the beautiful flowers and greenery of the garden in every season.

The path leading from the entrance to the dining room is more like a short corridor than a hallway.

The dining space is also carefully designed.

The position of the bay window and the view from the window next to the kitchen create a calm yet resort-like atmosphere.

The view from the Japanese-style room adjacent to the dining space, with its magnificent trees and tranquil water surface, is a rare location.

It is truly a building embraced by nature.

In the backyard, a stream flows through the backyard, and fireflies dance in the summer, while the chirping of wild birds such as Japanese bush warblers soothes the senses.

There is a space just right for gardening or a vegetable garden.

Cherry blossoms, azaleas, hydrangeas, sarsaparilla, camellia, and Japanese apricot add color to the four seasons.

Fruits such as sweet summer, lemon, mandarin orange, sudachi, persimmon, and loquat can also be enjoyed.

Even on rainy days, the house is beautiful and relaxing.

Explanation of knotless trees (無節)

Knotless trees are those that require a great deal of human’s work for growing these. It has long been prized as a high-quality material.

In grading based on knots, it is treated as the highest grade.

It has long been used in Buddhist and parlor rooms, foyers, and other places where it comes in contact with the human eye and is considered to be the most prestigious in a building.

It is also stronger than knotty lumber because it has no knots, and it is water-resistant.

Izu-kogen Station can be reached without transfers from Tokyo or Shinagawa Stations in 2 hours by Saphir Odoriko train, which will take you there in style and comfort.

Alternatively, you can take the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Atami Station and use the Ito Line to get there in 2 hours.

Shimoda, a popular destination with beautiful beaches, is also only 30 minutes away by train.

The current owner renovated the house in 2017.

There are many nice cafes and restaurants within walking distance.

Nearby tourist attractions

Mt.Omuro (you can enjoy the promenade at the top of the mountain or take a lift)

Jogasaki Beach (suspension bridge)

Lake Ippekiko (4 km around, ideal for a stroll)

Access: 6 minutes by car from Izu Kogen Station

Saphir Odoriko Train (Luxury Bullet Train)

Luxury train, available from 2020, with spacious seating, private rooms, cafeteria, etc.
Izu Kogen / Izu / Shimoda / Mt.Omuro / Jogasaki Beach / Lake Ippekiko
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Jan 16, 2023
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Feb 15, 2023



3LDK {building type} in Yawatano - Ito-shi Floorplan

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Izukougen Station (Izu Kyūkō Line)
  • 6 min. by car


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3LDK Holiday House
114.00 m²
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