Land only Esashi-gun Hamatombetsu-cho

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Hokkaido Wakkanai 3,500,000㎡ Land (Development Site) for SALE
Land Area
3,650,000.00 m²
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Land only
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Address: Moutsunai, Hamatombetsu, Esashi District, Hokkaido 098-5755
Price: 550,000,000yen
Land Plot : 3,650,000㎡
Same size as Tokyo Dome x 80 or Tokyo Disney Land x 7
Access: Haneda Airport→80 minutes→Wakkanai Airport→one hour drive by car
Land Type: Forest (currently: natural forest and wilderness)
Land Rights: Ownership
Building Coverage Ratio: 20%
Shape: Overall it is hilly, but about 25% of land is flat
(In 1990, plans were underway for an 18-hole golf course.)

After receiving permits, you can plan and design various projects such as ranches, farms, solar power, hotel construction, theme parks, and fish processing plants.
Particularly suitable for drinking water production projects that utilize underground water resources

The Tonbetsu River, which moistens the Okhotsk Sea, flows nearby in a gently sloping hillside area where an 18-hole golf course was developed around 1990, where greenery, air and water are all first-class.
Especially in Hokkaido, the Tonbetsu River has an abundance of clean water and the upstream of the clear waters of the 17th Line River (on the premises) is popular for fishing as well as for landlocked salmon. Dairy farming industry is thriving in this area with many cattle farms.
The site is only a 5-minute drive from the city center, and the flat road environment and close proximity to a dairy farm (about 400 meters away) make infrastructure work, such as electricity and water supply, easy.

About one-third of the 1,100,000 square meters of land is flat and the rest is gently rolling hills, so all kinds of conversions are possible
In addition to forest projects, it is suitable for agricultural production (after approval), ranching, solar power generation, wind power generation, theme parks, and many other uses.
It is also possible to turn groundwater into drinking water for the production and sale of plastic bottles, to build a hotel as a tourist city ten or twenty years later, and to build a 2,500-meter runway for private jets.
A large hotel, theme park, and golf course can be built in the middle of the mountains like the Tomamu Resort and contribute to the revitalization of the local area.
<Real Estate Taxes>
Real Estate Taxes on forests are set very low. This is specially protected so that the owner can continue to own it for years or even decades. The site is currently registered as Forest, so the annual tax is as low as ¥93,100 for all 1,100,000 square meters of land, making it possible to own the land for a long period of time.

<Water Resources>
This large piece of land has tremendous value, which can be converted to drinking water (groundwater) production, ranching, beef cattle production, etc.
1 The natural forest land is partly hilly but mostly flat, with a large amount of underground water underneath the land.
2 This groundwater can be pumped up at any time and any amount by the owner of the land without any problem. After obtaining permission from the government and the town hall, the water can be used and after the water quality test, it can be produced into pet bottles.
3 Aside from the underground water resources, there are two rivers running through the 1,100,000-square-meter area, so the owner can use the water from these rivers for agricultural and industrial use.
4 The owner can also build a factory on this land to pump up the delicious underground water and sell it as drinking water and skin care products. It is also possible to lease part of the land to another party to run these operations.
5 Water resources are not the only thing that lies beneath the land. There are many other mineral products, coal, and possibly hot springs, all of which belong to the owner.
6 The site is a natural forest and can be owned for many years in its original state if there is no rush to develop it.
Other Expenses
Real Estate Tax 93,100yen
Wakkanai Hokkaido
Date Updated
Sep 28, 2021
Next Update Schedule
Oct 28, 2021


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