2LDK Apartment Koriyama-shi

Unit Number
Building Name
Village House Kameda
1 / 4F
Available From
Jul 6, 2022
49.20 m²
Shimokameda, Koriyama-shi, Fukushima
Nearest Station
Kōriyamatomita Station (25 min. walk)
JR Ban'etsu Line (Kōriyama-Wakamatsu)


Maintenance Fee
Total Monthly Cost
Total to Move In

(Total Monthly Cost + additional one-time only fees)

Key Money
Agency Fee
Guarantor Fee
Fire Insurance
Total Monthly Cost*

* Calculated based on moving on the 1st of the month. Amount will differ based on the date you start your contract.

Please note that all listed fees are estimated amounts and may differ depending on your move in date, payment method, etc. Please inquire for exact costs.

Total Move-In Fees

Additional Details

Other Expenses
●Your initial move-in costs are calculated as the sum of the following:
① 1st month's rent prorated (calculated on a 30 day month)
② 2nd month's rent (in full)
③ Fire/Disaster Insurance fee: from 10,000 yen (coverage for 2 years)
※No Administration fees, No downpayments, No deposits*depending on your application, on a case-by-case basis, you may be required to pay a deposit.
※Guarantors not required (depending on the evaluation of your application, you may be required to set up a joint-guarantor)
※Your initial move-in costs will change based on the application details. Please inquire for further details.
●Termination fees will apply, if you decide to terminate your contract within the 24-month contract period:
① Termination within 12 months: fess equal to 3 months worth of rent
② Termination between 13-24 months: fess equal to 2 months worth of rent
●When moving out, you will also be charged a mandatory cleaning fee (calculated as 1,210yen/㎡ (including tax)).
Year Built
Transaction Type
Property Owner
Building Style
Direction Facing
Lease Term
2 years
Building Description
6 minutes walking distance to Oojima Central Park, 9 minutes walking distance to the supermarket「York Benimaru Kuwano store」5 minutes walking distance to a convenience store「Seven Eleven Kooriyama Kuwano4-chome store」
Available, ¥5,500 / mth
Date Updated
Jul 7, 2022
Next Update Schedule
Aug 6, 2022


2LDK Mansion in Shimokameda - Koriyama-shi Floorplan

Property Description

◆Why Choose Village House?◆
No deposits*, key money, transaction fees or renewal fees! Free key replacement!
*depending on your application, on a case-by-case basis, you may be required to pay a deposit.
◆Special Offers◆
If Offers 1 and 2 are applicable, you will be able to move-in for a minimal fee!
You won't need to start paying your rent until the 4th month (charged in the 3rd month).
There are properties where these offers will not apply.
Please inquire to see if it would be applicable for your property of interest.
★Offer 1★
We offer up to 30,000 yen for moving support.
We will deduct up to 30,000 yen (or 1 month worth of rent, whichever is lower) from your initial move-in costs.
★Offer 2★
We offer Free Rent for the 3rd month of rent!
You will only need to pay the initial move-in costs to move in.
Your first rent will be charged from the 4th month (charged in the 3rd month).
★Offer 3★
Discounts for the Moving Center!
Simply by agreeing to take advantage of this offer at the time of application,
you will receive a discount for the Moving Center!


Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner / Heater


Kōriyamatomita Station (JR Ban'etsu Line (Kōriyama-Wakamatsu))
  • 25 min. walk
Koriyama Station (Tohoku Shinkansen)
  • 30+ min. walk
Kikuta Station (JR Ban'etsu Line (Kōriyama-Wakamatsu))
  • 30+ min. walk


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2LDK Apartment
49.20 m²
Monthly Costs
Available From

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